1st Grade Violin

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Getting Started on the Violin

Getting Your Feet in Playing Position (video): 
Playing Position Feet.mp4

Violin Hand and Bow Hand:
left hand right hand.pdf

Parts of Violin/Rest Position Song/Steps to Playing Position/Twinkle Rhythms:
parts of violin-rest position song-playing position-names of strings-twinkle rhythms.pdf

Open String Songs:
GGG Song and Ant Song.pdf    piano: GGG song.mp3
GGG, guitar hold: GGG Song guitar style pizzicato.mp4
GGG, regular hold: GGG Song regular right hand pizzicato.mp4

pop and higglety.pdf

Open D & A Pizzicato
Open D A Canon.mp4

Hickory Dickory Dock-Open String Pizzicato
Hickory Dickory Dock.mp4

Parts of Bow & Bow Hand Basics:
bow parts and bow hand basics.pdf
Violin viola bow hand.mp4

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom on E: chicka chicka on E.mp3
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom on A: chicka chicka on A.mp3
Down Wiggle, Up Wiggle on E: down wiggle fiddle for E string.mp3
Wish I Had a Million Dollars on E: wish I had a million dollars on E.mp3
Wish I Had a Million Dollars on A: wish i had a million dollars on A.mp3

Bunny Song & VV Violin:
Bunny Song and VV Violin.pdf
Bunny Song (play twice): bunny song twice piano.mp3 
bunny song with violin.mp3

Practice Bow Lifts (Circle Bows): 

 Gulf Coast Pirates (click on listen to play along)
     -Play EEE then lift at the end of each phrase.

London Bridge
London Bridge open string part.pdf          piano: london bridge piano.mp3

Monster Feet:
Violin part: Monster Feet violin part.pdf
Piano part: 
piano part Monster Feet.mp3
Monster Feet left hand pizzicato.mp4
Monster Feet regular pizzicato.mp4

Practicing the bowing: https://youtu.be/SYkkorDrqcg 

Open String Blues:
Suzuki-Open String Blues.mp4
Ways to practice: 
1. as written   2. two notes per bow  3. four notes per bow (2. & 3. are "slurred staccato").
Open String Blues: as written, then 4 notes per bow 
Suzuki-Open String Blues.mp4 
open string blues with violin.mp3

Polar Bear (an open string piece): Polar Bear.pdf piano part: polar bear piano.mp3
video, plucking and using the bow: Polar Bear.mp4

Spiccato Practice:
Spiccato Practice-Bridge at Avignon.mp4

Elephants & Frogs Song:
elephants frogs ants.pdf                        elephants frogs ants.mp3
Elephants and Frogs.mp4

Elephants and Frogs (play twice): elephants and frogs twice.mp3 
elephants and frogs with violin.mp3

See Saw:
See Saw.pdf
See Saw.mp4
See Saw (twice): see saw twice.mp3 
see saw with violin.mp3

A longer version of See Saw:See Saw (longer version)
piano part: See Saw (longer version)
video of longer version: See Saw longer.mp4
video of the middle of See Saw:Middle of See Saw.mp4

Three Blind Mice:
Three Blind Mice 2-1-0 pattern on A.pdf

Hot Cross Buns:
hot cross buns 2019.pdf
Hot Cross Buns on E, left hand.mp4
Hot Cross Buns on A.mp4
Hot Cross Buns on E: blues hot cross buns on E.mp3
Hot Cross Buns on A: blues hot cross buns on A.mp3
Hot Cross Buns (on all 4 strings-G,D, A, then E): blues hot cross buns GDAE.mp3
Hot Cross Buns GDAE with violin.mp3

Hot Cross Buns & Mary Had a Little Lamb
Hot Cross Buns & Mary Had a Little Lamb violin.pdf

Sleep, Baby Sleep:
sleep baby sleep.pdf
combined minor major: Sleep Baby Sleep minor-major
sleep baby sleep lullaby.mp3
also play with "low2" (no C#)-place 1st finger next to 2nd finger
sleep baby sleep lullaby minor.mp3

Mary Had a Little Lamb/See My Pony/Apple Tree:
Mary-See my Pony-Apple Tree.pdf
Mary Had a Little Lamb on A : Mary Had a Little Lamb.mp4
Mary Had a Little Lamb on E:  blues mary on E.mp3
Mary Had a Little Lamb on A: blues mary on A.mp3 
Mary Had a Little Lamb (on A string only)mary had a little lamb piano.mp3 
mary had a little lamb on A with violin.mp3

See My Pony on E: see my pony on E.mp3
See My Pony on A: see my pony on A.mp3

Baby Shark!  
Baby Shark  (piano part)
Baby Shark.mp4 
Baby Shark pdf
Open String Beginner part (lands on the word "shark"):  
8 times-D D D A; final time: D D D D 
Beginner Part 2 on the A string (lands on the word "shark"): 
3  3  3  2; final time 3  3  3  3 
Beginner Part 3: as written on your paper (could leave out the ending) 
More Advanced: add the du du du du du du part (3 on A or open D)

3-2-1-0 Blast-off!
Blast-off!.pdf  video: 3210 Blast-off!-720p.mp4

Twinkle 2019.pdf
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: Twinkle Variation 1
Mickey Mouse: Twinkle variation 2
Down Wiggle, Up Wiggle: Twinkle Variation 3
Wish I Had a Million Dollars: TwinkleVariation 4.mp4
Twinke: Twinkle Theme

Jingle Bells:
Jingle Bells
practice tips: For each line-Say the words in rhythm-move arms down & up like a robot to the rhythm of the words. Air bow to the rhythm of the words. Practice the rhythm on the E string, then A string. Start learning the fingering in small chunks. In this song, fingers only go on the A string.

Dreidl Song:
Dreidl Song

Bile Them Cabbages Down/Old MacDonald:
Bile-Old MacDonald.pdf
Bile Them Cabbages.mp4
Bile Them Cabbages with variations on the A string: bile them cabbages piano.mp3 
bile them cabbages with violin.mp3

Old MacDonald.mp4

London Bridge (tune, not just open strings)
London Bridge      piano: london bridge piano.mp3
video of London Bridge: London Bridge.mp4

Spring Theme  piano part: Spring Theme piano.mp3
Spring Theme video: Spring Theme.mp4

Lightly Row:
Lightly Row Sheet 2019.pdf

French Folk Song:
French Folk Song.pdf
French Folk Song.mp4

A String Square Dance & Cool Waters: A Square and Cool W.pdf
-A String Square Dance: A String Square Dance.mp4
-A String Square Dance Accompaniment: 'A' String Square Dance.mp3
-Cool Waters accompaniment: 
Cool Waters.mp3

Song of the Wind:
song of the wind practice sheet.pdf

Song of Wind and Rhody fingers.pdf (includes Go Tell Aunt Rhody)

Go Tell Aunt Rhody:
     -Notice how some students only do fingering, while others steer the bow.

Lightly Row (using finger patterns 1 & 2):
Lightly Row patterns 1 and 2.pdf


Piano Part for A String Rock (in your packet): A String Rock piano part.mp3
Violin Video for A String Rock: A String Rock.mp4

Identify Open A .pdf

Note Reading Games:

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