3rd Grade Strings

Home practice is a requirement of this class.

PLEASE NOTE: Fingernails cannot extend past the fingertips. It is impossible to play a string instrument correctly with long nails.

How to Sit and How to Bow: How to Sit and How to Bow.pdf

Parts of the Violin and Bow
Violin viola bow hand.mp4

Open String Songs:
The Bear Went Over the Mountain.mp4
Open D A Canon.mp4
Hickory Dickory Dock.mp4

Open String Cycle-Harmony piano part-4 beats, 3 beats, 2 beats, and 1 beat:
Open String Cycle harmony 4 3 2 1.mp3

Open String Prelude
One way we will play this piece is to apply slurred staccato to the quarter notes and spiccato to the eighth notes.
Open String Prelude Violin pdf                                  Open String Prelude Viola pdf      
Open String Prelude Cello pdf                                    Open String Prelude Bass web.pdf

Open String Prelude 2019 piano

Spiccato Practice:
Bridge at Avignon D and A Spiccato.pdf
Bridge at Avignon piano.mp3

Songs on One String:
Open-First Finger.mp4

Sad and Happy on D & A                     
Sad and Happy Violin.pdf              Sad and Happy Viola.pdf
Sad and Happy Cello.pdf                Sad and Happy Bass.pdf

Sad and Happy piano.mp3

Learn Patterns 1 & 2: (we learn pattern 2 first)
Learn Patterns 1 and 2

Songs that use Pattern 2:

Mary Had a Little Lamb on A.mp4            Mary Had a Little Lamb on D.mp4

Songs using Patterns 1 & 2:
Oats, Peas, and Beans
 (Pattern 2)
Oats Peas Beans violin.pdf       Oats Peas Beans viola.pdf
Oats Peas Beans cello.pdf         Oats Peas Beans bass.pdf

D Major Scale: D Major Scale color coded.pdf
Old MacDonald & French Folk Song:
violin: old mac french.pdf     viola: old mac french viola.pdf     cello: old mac french cello.pdf

PRACTICE YOUR NOTE READING: Clap rhythm/air bow rhythm/say letter names & fingering in rhyhm/pizzicato/play arco. 
notes to read.pdf

Practice Note Names
Violin G String Note Names    Viola C String Note Names     Cello C String Note Names 
Violin D String Note Names    Viola G String Note Names     Cello G String Note Names    
Violin A String Note Names     Viola D String Note Names     Cello D String Note Names     
Violin E String Note Names     Viola A String Note Names     Cello A String Note Names

Flash Cards:  print, cut, and fold to make flashcards.    
Violin-Flash-Cards.pdf     Viola-Flash-Cards.pdf
Cello-Flash-Cards.pdf      Bass-Flash-Cards.pdf

Go to the "Web Resources" page to practice your note reading. Violins click on "Treble Clef", violas click on "Alto Clef", and cellos,basses click on "Bass Clef".

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