K-2 Violin: First Steps to Playing

Listen to the violin: A Young Violinist

Feel the steady beat as you listen to May Song. You can tap lightly or step in place.
May Song

We have to cross over our body when we play the violin. This is still a developing skill in some younger students.  This activity can help: Cross Over Song
The left hand holds the violin.  The right hand holds the bow.
picture of left and right hand
Learn Left & Right: Left & Right Song

 Learn the Parts of the Violin: Parts of the Violin and Bow

Foot position for playing violin:


Another video about rest position and playing position feet (
you do not have to make the foot chart to follow the video).
Foot Chart Game

How to bow:

Clapping the Twinkle Rhythms:

Shadow bow the Twinkle Rhythms:

How to open the case safely:

How to get in rest position:

The Rest Position Song:

Words to the Rest Position Song:
words to the rest position song

Steps to playing position: Make sure the violin is in the left hand.  Do not switch hands as you move into playing position. You may want to practice this with a box or stuffed animal at first.  Do not drop your violin!

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